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Donna Bradshaw Team Visit My Website

Donna Bradshaw Team

This is the second home I have sold with Donna Bradshaw as my agent. Both homes sold at the open house for above asking price. The selling of the home could not had been easier. I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking to sell their home quickly, easily. and make more of a profit than anticipated hire the Donna Bradshaw Team from REMAX.

Colleen Charnock
July 30, 2018
Donna Bradshaw Team Visit My Website

Donna Bradshaw Team

Donna and her team were very professional and informative. They helped me get through a very difficult situation.

ken sims
July 30, 2018
Angie & Darin Yocum Visit My Website

Angie & Darin Yocum

Angie, you are the best in the business! I have never worked with someone who was as proactive and responsive as you. I wish you much success in the future and hope to see you soon.

Tim Hudson
July 28, 2018
Kimberly Barton Visit My Website

Kimberly Barton

Kimberly and team did a great job of getting us ready to list a property, keeping us on track and delivering a great offer, all in an extremely short time. Fantastic service.

David Barleggs
July 27, 2018
The Roger Thedford Team Visit My Website

The Roger Thedford Team

Roger did a fantastic job with the sale of our home. Many thanks.

Darron K Ash
July 26, 2018
Tony Vasquez Visit My Website

Tony Vasquez

Tony and Melissa Vasquez are such amazing people to work with. I will definitely recommend them to any person needing realtor services.

Araceli Hernandez
July 25, 2018
Gerald Dostal Visit My Website

Gerald Dostal

Gerald and I have been friends for years and I wouldn't use anyone else for real estate transactions.

Barbara Miller
July 23, 2018
Jeffrey and Aricia Blasko Visit My Website

Jeffrey and Aricia Blasko

Jeffrey and Aricia did a fantastic job. They took a lot of time to explain the selling process for us. Last time we moved was from California to Texas and all done by a relocation service. This experience was great. Much better than previous. We felt both were very professional and provided a lot of great information to get us through this process. In the end they delivered or exceeded every promise made. What really impressed us was how they walked us through multiple offers and the breakdown of each offer. They listed out the Pros and Cons of each offer. This left us with a clear decision and with all the facts to make the decision. In the end the buyer also contacted me to thank us for how smooth the process went! Great work Team!

Todd T. Marsh
July 23, 2018
Fred Villa Visit My Website

Fred Villa

Thanks again for everything, Fred! Always a pleasure working with you!

Kelly Sims
July 23, 2018
Cindy Bogle Visit My Website

Cindy Bogle

Cindy went out of her way to provide extraordinary service during my relocation. She was very knowledgeable, professional, and patient. We were unfamiliar with the area and she took the time to explain/educate us on the area so we could make the best location choice for our family. She always responded promptly to my texts, emails, and phone calls. She even worked with us while she was on vacation to finalize the paperwork on the purchase of the home. I would highly recommend Cindy to my friends and appreciate all her work and guidance during our recent relation.

Trey Templeton
July 23, 2018

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