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Fearing for their safety at home, wealthy Mexicans are the latest wave of south-of-the-border immigrants to Dallas. Since 1912, poor Mexican immigrants have come to Texas in search of jobs and a better way of life. However, the trend is now changing. Fearful of the threats from drug cartels, many moneyed Mexican families and individuals are fleeing their country. There are 20 daily flights from DFW to Mexico, and virtually every return flight has high-end migrants moving to Dallas. The North Texas economy, its can-do business opportunities, and its close proximity to Mexico make this region a prime destination. its not just a brain drain, but a capital drain in Mexico, said Pia Orrenius, an immigration expert of the Dallas Federal Reserve. Since 2009, the city of Dallas has been pursuing an investment program, known as the EB-5 visa program, under which foreign applicants get permanent residency for investments of $500,000 and the creation of 10 jobs. Mexican business owners are increasingly taking advantage of this unique program.

- Dallas Morning News, November 25, 2012